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What is SportzVault?

SportzVault is a powerful, user friendly web based system that allows sporting organisations to build and maintain attractive and functional web sites. It has been designed from the ground up with the needs of sporting clubs and associations in mind. No specialist web or programming experience is necessary to use SportzVault.

Together with ResultsVault, which provides integrated competition and participant management, a SportzVault site can provide the complete online needs for a club or association.

SportzVault was launched in 2003 by InteractSport P/L (the team behind ResultsVault: the premier online cricket statistics and administration system). There are 4 versions of SportzVault, with a range of features. In 2004, we announced free LITE sites for any sporting organisation. Unbeatable value.

A SportzVault site brings web publishing within reach for sporting clubs and associations - even those without an IT or web guru. We can even take care of your full email requirements, and give you statistics about the visitors to your web site. On line help, and support when you need it is naturally included.

Have a look at some of our reference sites to see how SportzVault is revolutionising the management of information for sporting organisations.


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